Our vision is to design a new way for brands to engage their audience and play for first place. 

ARENA specializes in ideas & identities; design, brand strategy, art direction, and concepting across multiple mediums.

We help





Understand the consumer experience.

We aim to understand the consumer's psychology, and determine why a brand, product or service needs to exist.

➊ Market Research
➋ User Research
➌ Brand Architecture
➍ Product & Service Strategy
➎ Digital Marketing Strategy
➏ Brand Strategy
➐ Positioning

Developing brands for the next generation.

We design brands with unique personalities, helping visualize the positioning and inform every consumer touchpoint.

➊ Naming
➋ Logo
➌ Visual Identity Design
➍ Art Direction
➎ Brand Voice Development
➏ Packaging Design


Whether it's on social media, traditional advertisements, out-of-home marketing, or experiential events, our brand activations tap into consumer psychology to express a brand's unique personality and aesthetic.

➊ Creative Direction
➋ Content Production
➌ Copywriting
➍ Photography
➎ Experiental
➏ Integrated Campaigns

Designing digital interfaces that stand out.

Intuitive digital design connects brands to their consumers. We design user-centric digital interfaces that reflect brand values and differentiate from competition.

➊ Web Development
➌ Responsive Web Design
➍ E-commerce

What we

A core virtue in our identity is to find ways to amplify diverse voices, and to be involved in crucial dialogues for the current and upcoming generations. Our inaugural year included projects with two non-profits, and campaign productions with crews that were over 80% POC. 

Why we
do it.

Entrepreneurs and creatives of all backgrounds should feel seen and understood. We recognize representation is the insight into every collaboration we create, so we’ve cultivated a diverse network of multi-disciplinary innovators from around the globe to get the job done.

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World-Class talent

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Global impact projects

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Digital Awards

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Brand Strategy
Logo & Naming
Visual Identity
Content Production
Web Design

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We’ve helped build some of the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking brands